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Watermellon shark, aftermath by SmazzyNinja Watermellon shark, aftermath by SmazzyNinja
This is a watermellon shark that I made with my best friend.
When we had the idea it seemed a bit difficult.
But really it was so much fun to make and was super easy.

1. All we did was start by cutting a bit off the bottom to get it to stand.

Note: Keep the scraps! Throw nothing away untill the end!

2. Cut your choice size for the mouth but make sure it's at least no bigger then a right angle. Don't want the goodies falling out.

3. Start scoopin and cuttin! Sense you still have the yummy watermellon in there try cuttin cubes or different shaped finger food peices for friends and family to munch on. But! Leave enough on the bottom so the little guy has enough weight to hold 'im down. Don't want his cargo to topple over or for him to lose his shape!

Note: put all cuttings in a seperate bowl. Watermellons have an aweful lotta water so it's good to keep things seperate so you don't lose them in there. You may also have to drain the water a few times. Don't worry. It's normal.

4. Cut the green rind off where the mouth is. You want this off to get that white under stuff showin. When that's done you can start cuttin out little triangles out to get the teeth. You do not have to keep the extra triangles from here.

5. From the extra (bigger) peices you decide the fins. Cutting them how you please. You may stick them on however you like, with whatever you like. I however, used toothpicks.

6. The eyes! Now you gotta look around for these. First though, you gotta make a gap big enough on both sides of the head for them. Now find the eyeballs and something to get them to stay on! For my eyes i used craisins and cut toothpicks small enough to stick them on.

7. Finishing touches! Find yourself a plate to put this bad boy on and start filling him up! Go ahead and use extra watermellon peices around him to add to the carnage.

This is sure to make your dinner or treat memorable, so have fun with it!
Don't be afraid to add a creative twist of your own!
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August 21, 2012
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